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Laser hair removal at home

Today there are laser epilators in the market to be able to perform sessions at home. After analyzing the different types and powers and are infinitely less powerful than those of the aesthetic centers. Do not forget that this tool burns the skin if used incorrectly and a device that can be used at home will always be very limited. Initially I had thought about making this post about my personal experience inĀ laser hair removal bristol but when I started to do it and observe that it was very extensive I decided to do two. In the next post on this topic I will tell you the areas that I have made, the money that has cost me, the sessions I have received.

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Tips to choose the best laser hair removal

With the approach of winter increases the interest of many women for laser hair removal and its publicized benefits. At several months of summer, this is the most recommended time to start a treatment of this type, since the sun’s rays are weaker and we usually use more clothes to cover our skin, giving it the necessary protection so that this type of Hair removal does not cause damage.

Given the massive number of sites that claim to apply this method and the large number of offers circulating in the market, the choice of the right place can be somewhat complicated.

Make sure that the chosen place is authorized and that there are titles or diplomas that accredit the doctor who treats you.

  • Ask for a consultation in more than one clinic to obtain more clarity of the available options.
  • Ask the specialist all the doubts you have and clarify with the establishment all the conditions to guarantee the treatment.
  • The doctor should evaluate your type of skin, hair and the area to be removed to determine which method of laser hair removal is the most appropriate. The available photoepilation systems are: intense pulsed light, alexandrite laser, diode laser and elos.
  • Do not trust laser hair removal treatments that promise great results in less time than normal or with suspiciously lower prices.
  • Worry that whoever makes the treatment is a doctor or someone trained to do it.
  • The sessions should not have a closeness of less than 15 days, time that should increase as the treatment progresses.
  • Take all the necessary time before starting the treatment, since it is an important decision that can affect both your health and your wallet.

There are multiple laser hair removal devices that have existed – and exist – in the market from the appearance of these systems to the present, and many doubts that arise regarding which is the most convenient .