Factors to consider before having a liposuction

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Factors to consider before having a liposuction

Before going through an operating room, it is important to keep in mind some important points, such as knowing the true function of this type of operation.

Aesthetic operations always increase when good weather is approaching. To carry out this intervention in the best conditions, one of the clinics that carry out most operations of this type,

Choose a certified and trusted center

It is vital to ensure that the chosen center complies skin clinics with the mandatory medical guarantees. Being an issue that can affect health, it is better not to skimp on expenses.

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Follow a healthy and balanced diet

It is advisable to follow a diet rich in nutrients that provide benefits to the body, but it is even more convenient when it comes to going through the operating room.

Accompanied the day of the operation

It is convenient because it will be easier for the intervened person when he leaves the operating room and will help to follow a good post-operative from the first moment.

The surgery must always be carried out in an operating room

You should be wary of offering to perform the operation in consultation, claiming it is simple or because it reduces expenses. Liposuction should always be carried out in an operating room prepared and equipped to carry out this type of operation, and must have all the necessary safety measures so that the result is adequate and the patient’s health is not endangered.

Rest and pressotherapy

During the 48 hours following the operation it is vital to remain at rest and for a few weeks it is advisable to wear a press therapy band, which will help the volume extraction does not affect the skin and the result will be satisfactory. It is best to buy the garment in the clinic, but you can also buy directly from specialized stores. In this second case, it is important to previously verify with the surgeon the exact model and size that should be purchased.

Know the risks of the operation and ask the surgeon

All surgical intervention carries its medical risks. Fortunately, liposuction is one of the safest surgeries with fewer complications. However, it is necessary to go to the operating room with all the doubts resolved. Better to ask the surgeon everything that can disturb without shame.

Draining massage:

Always under medical supervision, it is advisable to perform between one and two sessions of special massages, called drainages, in the area where the operation has been performed. These massages will help to eliminate the swelling of the intervened area, improve fluid retention and circulation and obtain an adequate result. The surgeon will specify how many it is advisable to perform. It is necessary to carry out a person entitled to perform these types of drains, so before purchasing them, it is best to consult them.

Indicated to correct some areas:

Its implementation is indicated in people with normal weight or mild or moderate overweight and allows correcting those areas where diet and physical exercise have no effect. It is very common to perform on the abdomen and flanks, hips, inner side of the thighs and back.