Diode laser hair removal – Types, characteristics and differences

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Diode laser hair removal – Types, characteristics and differences

The laser diodeĀ laser hair removal near me is a treatment to remove hair permanently. It uses a machine that emits energy with a longer wavelength than other types of lasers to depilate, such as alexandrite, which is why it is indicated for dark skin and thick hair. Although it can be used on other types of skin, the hair always has to have a certain thickness. It is not indicated for fine hair and indications for use are indicated for dark or dark skin. Because it emits in a different way than other depilatory machines, the diode laser is specially indicated to depilate the back or chest. It has very good results and opinions for large extensions of the human body where hair is born. Due to these characteristics it is one of the best types of lasers for male hair removal, which also offers a very effective solution for women who want to remove body and facial hair forever.

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Diode laser hair removal

  • The most indicated skins are from prototype IV upwards. Although it is able to treat clear skin it is much safer and convenient to use laser diode hair removal in dark shades and thick hair. The differential value of energy with melanin makes it more usable to use the diode when these characteristics are met. The clear skin on this type of machine is more likely to absorb heat and receive superficial burns.
  • Other features that make it different is the handheld device with a larger wingspan in some models. It allows to press on the skin and makes the thickness of the epidermis layer can be reduced during the treatment to achieve deep hair very effectively.
  • There are some machine models that allow to lengthen the time of the pulse that emits energy. This favors the skin to warm up less improving the response to superficial burns. Some models are Soprano diode laser , Deep alight and Light sheer . They allow personalized programming so they can perform a treatment adapted to each woman and man with their differences.

Diode or alexandrite laser hair removal

  • The first difference of the diode laser with alexandrite is that the wavelength it emits is different , it penetrates more into the skin and this gives it different uses. As it has a greater penetration in the epidermis, people with black, dark and dark skin can use it with excellent results. It is designed for thick and dark hair. The more brown or black the hair is the more effective it is by killing the cells that feed the hair follicle.
  • Another interesting feature is that it is very effective with large areas of the body. Something that makes the choice between laser diode or alexandrite decant by the first on many occasions, such as for male hair removal.
  • But it also has some disadvantages or differences that make alexandrite diode laser better for:
  • Light hair.
  • People with clear skin. The less melanin the tissues have, the more effective is the alexandrite laser, quite the opposite with laser diode hair removal.