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Choose the best laser hair removal centre

The laser hair removal has been a revolution in the battle against hair. However, there are different types of lasers that we can choose from and we do not always know how to get it right. We help you.

When it comes to betting on laser hair removal in bristol, the first thing to keep in mind is that it is necessary to find a good center of specialists, since this method of hair removal is safe, but requires professional advice to tell us what is it More convenient for our skin type and hair.

laser hair removal

How does laser hair removal work

The goal of laser hair removal is to eliminate the hair follicle without damaging or altering other structures. The objective of the lasers used in hair removal is to act on melanin emitting a light whose wavelength is absorbed by melanin, but not by other pigments. When light is absorbed by melanin, it becomes heat, which is responsible for damaging the hair follicle. It is considered that the types of lasers that have a wavelength between 700 and 1200 Nm are the most suitable to be absorbed by melanin without causing damage to other pigments.

Difference  between laser hair removal and pulsed light?

 Although they have many similarities they are different treatments. In the depilation by pulsed light the beam of light is polychromatic (of several colors), while in laser hair removal, the light is of a single color (which makes its absorption by melanin better). In addition, in pulsed light treatments the beam of light moves in all directions so that the same machine can serve different types of hair. Unlike what happens with the laser, in which the beam of light is continuous, hair removal by pulsed light is applied by pulses of light. The hair removal pulsed light It is a slower treatment than laser and it usually requires more sessions, but it also adapts to more skin types and needs.

Main indicators: Professionals, technological media and authorizations

The Professional: Personnel who perform the hair removal laser must be qualified . The lasers are  tools complicated that there are to deal with experience to avoid risks and optimize the  results . The ideal is to count with auxiliary of clinical and nursing and medical dermatologists who  can make one follow – up of treatment .

Platform light: Check if the center has with different types of lasers. A greater number of machines, greater guarantees of success . Each stage of treatment requires intensities of light different. If not treated with laser suitable the hair will grow for more time, and more sessions will be necessary to eliminate it definitively

Type of center:

The reliability increases if we speak of clinics of aesthetics in place of centers of aesthetics. It must take into account that there are differences between the devices doctors and equipment aesthetic. The apparatus physicians should have to leave and go reviews Periodic of maintenance , something that does not occur in the case of laser  aesthetic . In consequence , also  it varies the effectiveness of same